Hypoalbuminemia in COVID-19: Molecular and Mechanistic Approach

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Ali Afzal
Sara Shahzaman
Arwa Azam
Usman Ghani
Muhammad Babar Khawar
Nimra Afzal
Muhammad Idnan
Ume Habiba
Muhammad Abu Talha Safdar Hashmi
Syeda Eisha Hamid
Rimsha Naseem


Hypoalbuminemia is a clinical feature of COVID-19 which is caused by a multitude of processes in COVID-19, including acute liver damage (ALI), oxidative burst, viral-albumin binding, dysregulated immunological responses, and viral genome interference in the host cell, all of which lead to organ failure and patient mortality. We used a mechanistic approach to discuss a number of potential molecular mechanisms that cause hypoalbuminemia, as well as some effective treatment methods. As this study employs molecular approaches to characterize hypoalbuminemia, this work is promising in molecular medicine and drug development.

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Afzal, A., Shahzaman, S., Azam, A., Ghani, U., Khawar, M. B., Afzal, N., Idnan, M., Habiba, U., Hashmi, M. A. T. S., Hamid, S. E., & Naseem, R. (2023). Hypoalbuminemia in COVID-19: Molecular and Mechanistic Approach. Albus Scientia, 2023(1), 1–11. https://doi.org/10.56512/AS.2023.1.e230606
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