Sub-Chronic Effects of Sodium Metabisulfite on the Intestinal Microarchitecture of Mice

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Sana Fatima
Hussain Khan
Muhammad Atif
Azka Zafar
Adil Farooq
Muhammad Fahad Baig
Asma Rashid Khan


Background: Sodium metabisulfite (SM) is commonly used with varying concentrations as a preservative, sewage treatment chemical, and in other commercial consumer products etc. It is reported to pose series of health hazards affecting various vital organs. The current study was aimed to find histological alterations in the intestine with sub-chronic exposure of SM in albino mice.

Materials and Methods: Ten mice were orally given SM (1.2 mg/kg mixed in 0.1 ml corn oil) for 21 days while ten mice were kept in the control group (no SM). All the mice were dissected, and small intestine pieces were excised and processed for histological sectioning and staining.

Results: SM disrupts the outer wall of villi and microvilli of the small intestine. Moreover, a narrow lumen and few mitotic figures were seen in the intestinal glands.

Conclusion: The results concludes that SM is a potential source of major organ’s defects and hence its usage should be lessened to improve the health status.

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Fatima, S., Khan, H., Majid, A., Atif, M., Zafar, A., Farooq, A., Baig, M. F., & Khan, A. (2022). Sub-Chronic Effects of Sodium Metabisulfite on the Intestinal Microarchitecture of Mice. Albus Scientia, 2022(2), 1–3.
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